Archived – I Remember – Seniors Month 2019

– I Remember – Seniors Month 2019 (A Bayside Council Seniors Month 2019 presentation)
‘I Remember…’ is a five-part podcast, created in October 2018, that brings alive a six-week Grandparents Day Project funded by FACS and developed by Bayside Council. Follow a group of seniors as they work with choir conductor Laura Bishop towards a concert presentation for friends and family at the Rockdale Town Hall. Along the way, they’ll interact with young people, explore the role of grand-parents in our community, relive their musical memories, and share some of their intriguing life stories. Produced by PP Cranney for Bayside Council (NSW) with the participation of Shopfront Youth Arts, Kogarah Community Services, the Benevolent Society’s Greenwood Cottage and the Windgap Foundation.